Support – A Poem

Tech Support Cheat Sheet. Comic: xkcd.

Tech Support Cheat Sheet. Comic: xkcd.

I haven’t dabbled in poetry much, but today I had a déjà vu moment that got me thinking about my years in IT support. I wrote this little ditty this evening as a result. (It’s probably embarrassingly trite, but it has charm in its own little way.)

Support – A Poem

Hi Mom.
Your computer is slow?
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That One Beautiful Thing – 5/21/13

Bird taking flight. Illustration: Paivatar

Bird taking flight. Illustration: Paivatar

Sympathy – Paul Lawrence Dunbar (Poem of the Day)

You may recognize this poem more by this line, made famous by Maya Angelou, than the actual title: “I know why the caged bird sings!” I just finished reading Angelou’s book and was deeply moved by her storytelling of her childhood. She approaches her stories, many of which I can’t even imagine happening to myself, with an honest grace that is so humbling. I read the full poem shortly after finishing the book and appreciated hearing Dunbar’s words with echoes of Angelou’s in my mind.

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