“The Bet”, an unmade Seinfeld episode, was too dark for the cast

I’ve been on a bit of a Seinfeld kick lately, and while looking up the Wikipedia article of the list of Seinfeld episodes to find which season “The Chinese Restaurant” was in (season 2…an early but goodie), I came across this piece of trivia: “The Bet”¬†was a written but never made Seinfeld episode from season 2, that included lines such as this terribly dark bit (from the linked Wikipedia article):

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stated, “I read the script and I remember thinking ‘we’re not going to do this’.” According to Alexander, when she read a scene in which she holds the gun to her head stating “where do you want it Jerry? The Kennedy? [holds the gun to her stomach] The McKinley?” (referencing the assassination of the two American presidents), Louis-Dreyfus turned to Alexander, stating “I’m not doing this.”

I’m glad they didn’t go there…that’s a little too much for the ordinary, everyday antics of the Seinfeld gang. Guns aren’t funny, especially in the context of all that’s happened with gun violence since 1991.

Here’s a Youtube clip from a hidden extra on the Seinfeld Season 1 & 2 box set with more details on the unmade episode.